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Summary:Controls the Elliptec sliders from Thorlabs.
Author:Joran Deschamps and Anindita Dasgupta, EMBL, 2019
Platforms:All platforms (uses serial interface)
Example Config File:None
Micro-Manager version:>=1.4.22

The device adapter controls the Elliptec sliders ELL6 (two positions) and ELL9 (four positions) from Thorlabs. In addition to the COMport, the user need to set the communication channel of the device (from 0 to F). The devices have a default to channel 0. The channel can be easily read out from the Elliptec software (see Thorlab's Elliptec page).

The ELL9 can be slow to get to a new position, it will therefore give a TimeOut error if the time out of the COMport is set too low (e.g. the default 500 ms). We advise using a TimeOut of 2s for the ELL9.
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