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Summary:Skyra Laser Controller
Author:Karl Bellve
Since Version:April 6, 2020
Example Configuration:Media:Skyra_NicoLase.cfg


The Skyra is a multi-line laser from Cobolt.

The serial port

  • 115,200 or 19200 baud,
  • no flow control,
  • one stop bit
  • no parity
  • 8 data bits
  • delaybetweenChars 0 ms.

This driver supports automatic serial port detection.


Lasers will ignore the power setting for a few minutes while they start up. Re-set power/current after warm up is over
If the Laser has aborted, you could issue a restart command via the Serial Command property, followed by a key cycle to restart the laser.

Device Properties

The new driver supports constant current, constant power, and modulation modes. Also, you can select Analog or Digital modulation. The ability to enable/disable Autostart is now supported. There is also direct serial communication supported via Serial Command

Skyra proporties.png

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