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Oxxius combiner

Oxxius combiner

Summary:Interface to any Oxxius combiner. Provides an access to the individual laser sources, as well as to shutters or various accessories and modules.
Author:Tristan Martinez
Platforms:All (requires a USB port or access to an Ethernet network)
Devices:Oxxius L4Cc and L6Cc models
Since Version:1.4.23
Example Config File:None

Foreword: This Device Adapter relates to laser combiners and to BTC-AOM controllers. For stand-alone LaserBoxx sources, refer to the Device Adapter named Oxxius.


  • Using the USB port

The USB port needs to be turned into a virtual serial port. To proceed, connect to the combiner (using Oxxius' GUI for example), enter the command "CDC 1", then reboot the combiner. Take note of the COM port assigned to your combiner, then use the following parameters in the Hardware Configuration Wizard:

   Answer Timeout: 500
   Baudrate: 115200 (this value is seemingly ignored anyway)
   DataBits: 8
   DelayBetweenCharsMs: 0
   FastUSB to Serial: Disable
   Handshaking: Off
   Parity: None
   StopBits: 1
   Verbose: 1
  • Using the Ethernet port

If needed, use the command "?EIP" to query the IP address of the combiner. Enter it in the connection settings.

Combiner Hub

This Hub provides an access to the laser sources, accessories and various components connected to (or mounted in) the combiner. The hub's "chidren" are detailed in the following paragraphs.

Hub properties:

   Serial number (read only)
   Interlock status: "Open" or "Closed"  (read only)
   Emission key status: "Armed" or "Disarmed" (read only)

LaserBoxx source

Provides an interface to various LaserBoxx laser sources. While some models are physically linked to either an AOM or an "MPA" attenuator, this Device Adapter provides a uniform interface in all these situations.

Available properties (model-dependant):

   State (read only)
   Alarm (read only)
   Control mode: "ACC" or "APC" (read and write)
   Analog modulation selection: "ON" or "OFF" (read and write)
   Digital modulation selection: "ON" or "OFF" (read and write)
   Current set point, as a percentage of the nominal current (read and write)
   Power set point, as a percentage of the nominal power (read and write)
   Emission status: "ON" or "OFF" (read and write)

Inheritance: CShutterBase.


To control an electromechanical shutter. Available property:

   State: "Open" or "Closed" (read and write)

Inheritance: CShutterBase.


This Device Adapter relates to the "MDL-MDUAL" extension, which splits the laser beam over two output channels, according to a configurable split ratio. Available property:

   Split ratio: percentage of the total power directed to the first channel(read and write)

Inheritance: CGenericBase.

Flip Mirror

This Device Adapter relates to the "MDL-FLPM" extension, which directs the laser beam over one of two distinct channels. Available property:

   Switch position: "0" for channel 1, "1" for channel 2(read and write)

Inheritance: CGenericBase.

Known limitations

  • Requires firmware version 1.0.17 or higher. Use the command "?SV" to query the version of your combiner.
  • Cobolt laser sources are not yet supported.


Contact the author at "support at".

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