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Marzhauser L-Step adapter

Summary:Interfaces with Märzhäuser L-Step controllers and associated hardware
Author:Gilles Courtand and Brice Bonheur based on Falk Dettmar Tango adapter
Platforms:Should work on all platforms (serial interface)
Devices:Controller, XYStage
Since version:1.4.9
Serial port settings:
AnswerTimeout 500.0000
BaudRate 9600
DelayBetweenCharsMs 0
Handshaking Off
StopBits 2

To drive a stage, you will have to define the 'LStep Controller' device. You will need to specify the serial port to which the LSTEP controller is connected. Micro-Manager will report the Firmware version of the LSTEP Controller.

Simple movements can be made with the LSTEP without a control computer. The “joystick” switch is set to “manual” for this purpose.

Tested with LSTEP 12/2 model.

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