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Summary:Controls the gem/ventus/opus/axiom laser series from LaserQuantum.
Author:Joran Deschamps, EMBL, 2018
Platforms:All platforms (uses serial interface)
Example Config File:None
Micro-Manager version:>=1.4.22 (tested with)

This simple device adapter request from the user a maximum laser power in the Hardware Configuration Wizard. Upon initialization it checks if the laser is compatible with current control mode. If it is the case, the user can choose between current control mode and power control mode using the device property browser. In current control mode, only the Current (%) property will change the output power of the laser. In power control mode, the output power is changed through the Power (mW) property.

If the laser does not support current control mode, then the only property available is Power (mW) property. Current control is an option, contact LaserQuantum for more details (current control is compatible with TTL triggering at least for the gem series).

This device adapter has been tested with Micro-manager >1.4.22 (to MM2.0.0-gamma) in Windows 7 with a gem561 laser. The API should be compatible with ventus/opus/axiom lasers.

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