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ITK Dr. Kassen LMT200-V3 HYDRA Controller

Summary:Interfaces with ITK Dr. Kassen Controller and associated hardware
Author:Steven Fletcher
Platforms:All (uses serial interface)
Devices:Controller and XY Stage

Serial settings:

AnswerTimeout 500.0000
BaudRate 38400
DelayBetweenCharsMs 0.0000
Handshaking Off
Parity None
StopBits 1
Verbose 1

Driver inspired by the Corvus device adapter it was written for the LMT200-V3 ITK Dr. Kassen HYDRA Controller. The Devices that need to be loaded are The Controller and the XY Stage.

Notes: the Pixel Calibration Plugin doesn't seem to work with this Stage/Driver.

For suggestions, modifications or input, feel free to contact Steven Fletcher at

See also: Corvus device adapter

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