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Diskovery adapter

Summary:Controls the Spectral/Andor Diskovery spinning disk confocal/TIRF module
Author:Nico Stuurman
Platforms:Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (serial port)
Devices:Hub, Disk-Position, Illumination-Size, TIRF-Position, Objective-Select, Filter-W, Filter-T
Micro-Manager version:1.4.23 and later
Serial port settings:
AnswerTimeout 6000
BaudRate 115200
DelayBetweenCharsMs 0
Handshaking Off
Parity None
StopBits 1
Other settings:Core-TimeoutMs should be 25000ms to give the disk enough time to switch

The Diskovery is connected through a USB cable. The controller has a build-in USB to serial converter, therefore, it will appear as a serial port to your computer.

Before starting the Configuration Wizard, disable TIRF on the Diskovery unit. This avoids an error caused by Micro-Manager being unable to read an appropriate label for the enabled state of the TIRF.
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