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Summary:Controls AmScope cameras
Author:MaheshKumar Reddy Kakuturu
Devices:AmScope MU series USB3.0 cameras
Adapter Version:1.0
Available Since Version:1.4.23

Requires drivers from AmScope, which can be downloaded from the AmScope site.

Supported features

  • Monochrome and color images. The available modes can be selected in the properties browser ("PixelType").
  • Gain.
  • Exposure
  • Color Level
  • Flip Image
  • Binning.
  • ROI.


  • For image, currently only the modes "GREY8" and "RGB32" are supported.
  • The "Frame rate" property will not necessarily affect the real frame rate in the live-mode. It does, however, determine the maximal exposure time.
  • If several cameras are connected, currently only the first camera in the list will be addressed.
  • Works with Windows only on 32bit and 64bit.
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