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Summary: Adapter for the TriggerScope using Micro-Manager firmware
Author: Nico Stuurman, based on code by Austin Blanco
License: LGPL
Platforms: Linux, Mac, and Windows
Since version: 2020-09-08

Serial port settings:

AnswerTimeout 500
BaudRate 115200
DelayBetweenCharsMs 0
Handshaking Off
Parity None
StopBits 1
Verbose 0 (1 for debugging)


The Triggerscope is an Arduino-based devices that provides 16 analog outputs and 16 digital outputs. These outputs can be used to control equipment such as illumination light sources and z-stages. Outputs of the Triggerscopes can be directly controlled from the computer using serial commands. Outputs can also be pre-programmed and then cycled through this program by pulses (for instance generated by a camera) connected to one of the input ports. This enables fast synchronization between devices. This firmware and device adapter were created for smooth inter-operation between the TriggerScope and Micro-Manager (there also is a [TriggerScope device adapter] for the original TriggerScope firmware).

Firmware Installation

 This adapter was written for "MM" firmware.  Download from [1] and install using the Arduino IDE.


This device adapter

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