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Summary: Rapp Phototargeting Unit
Author: Arthur Edelstein
License: LGPL
Platforms: Windows
Devices: Rapp UGA-40

The Rapp UGA-40 uses galvos to bounce lasers through the microscope objective and target particular spots on the specimen in the image plane. The galvos can also be rastered to illuminate a region of interest. Micro-Manager Projector Plugin allows users to draw one or more spots or regions of interest on an image of the specimen, and phototarget these areas using the UGA-40. (The Projector Plugin permits both ad hoc phototargeting and planning targeting events embedded in a multi-dimensional acquisition).

The UGA-40 supports up to two lasers of different colors. Choose which laser to use by setting the "Laser" property to "1" or "2".

A few UGA-40-specific properties allow fine-grained control, supplementing the generic controls presented by the Projector Plugin. These include:

Property Description
CalibrationMode If "On", laser is turned on regardless of targeting status
TTLTriggered For TTL triggering, determines whether triggering occurs on a rising or falling edge
SpotSize Tells the UGA-40 controller how large the measured spot size is, for help with rastering extended ROIs
RasterFrequency_Hz Controls the speed of ROI rastering
AccuracyPercent Controls how precisely an irregular ROI is filled in during rastering
OnMinimumRectSize Determines the smallest tile used during rastering
Sequence Allows a "sequence script" to be uploaded to the UGA-40 controller (rarely used)


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