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PrecisExcite LED illuminator

Summary:Device adapter for the PrecisExcite LED illuminator (
Author:Arthur Edelstein
Platforms:Windows, Mac OS X (Linux?) (uses virtual serial interface over USB)
Example Config File:None
Micro-Manager version:>=1.3.34

On Windows, first make sure the driver is installed (precisExcite.inf). (Mac OS X already has a driver that will recognize the virtual serial port.) Next, make sure the USB cable is connected, and that the module is powered up. Then in the Hardware Configuration Wizard (under the Micro-Manager Tools menu), choose the appropriate Com Port in Step 2 and add the PrecisExcite device in Step 3.

The precisExcite can be chosen as the default Shutter. This means that when "Auto shutter" is selected in the main window, it will automatically turn on (with the current channel and intensity settings) during a "Snap" or "Acquisition" and turn off immediately afterwards.

The Trigger and TriggerSequence properties can be used for external triggering by TTL pulses. In the trigger sequence, channels are labeled "A","B","C","D", and a pause is denoted by "0" (zero).

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