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Summary:Interface to Parallel port on Windows
Author:Nenad Amodaj
Devices:Windows Parallel Port
Example Config File:

This adapter makes the parallel port available as a digital output device, i.e., it provides a way of setting TTLs. It uses inpout.dll to talk to the parallel port. The pins in the parallel port are set using a single binary value, where each position in the number corresponds to a pin in the port.

For instance:
1023 (1111111111) will set pins 1 through 10 high
0 (0000000000) will set pins 1 through 10 low
6 (0110000000) will set pins 2 and 3 high and all others low.

This adapter does not provide a shutter device. The AOTF adapter provides a shutter that can set pins of the parallel port.
Note: This Windows driver only works with your LPT1 built-in ParallelPort connector. Daughter ParallelPort cards will not work with Micro-Manager.

Consider an Arduino or a computer I/O board if your computer does not have an LPT1 port.

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