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Roper/Photometrics PVCAM adapter

Summary:Interfaces with Roper, Photometrics, and PI cameras that work with the PVCAM driver
Authors:Nenad Amodaj, with contributions from Nico Stuurman (Mac adaptation) and Ji Yu (expose more PVCAM properties), Oleksiy Danikhnov and Arthur Edelstein (reliability in streaming mode
Platforms:Windows and Mac OS X (linux possible but not tested)
Devices:PVCAM compatible cameras
Example Config File:Media:MMConfig_pvcam_simple.cfg
Driver Needed:Roper/Photometrics PVCAM or Princeton Instruments PVCAM

This adapter should work with all PVCAM compatible camera on all platforms. To use it, you will need to have the (PVCAM software) installed and working. At the very least, the pvcam test application (included with PVCAM) should give you an image, and preferably RSImage works with your camera (although we have seen cases where Micro-Manager works with a PVCAM camera whereas RSImage does not). We tested it with an old MicroMax, a newer Firewire CoolSnap, Cascade II, and Evolve cameras on Windows and a Firewire Coolsnap ES, EZ, and HQ2 on Intel Mac. Thanks to Ji Yu, most available camera properties are exposed. To use the adapter on Mac OS X, you will need at least version 2.7.7 of PVCAM (older versions will lock up your Mac).

This adapter will also work with Princeton Instrument (PI) cameras that work with PVCAM. Be aware that you will need to install the PI version for PVCAM.

If you encounter the following error message on startup: Error code: 39
Line 14: Property,Core,Initialize,1
Error code: 22
Device Undefined. Duplicate property names are not allowed.
then Micro-Manager was most likely not terminated in a graceful way during the previous session. Simply quit Micro-Manager, reboot your camera (by switching it off and back on again) and try again.

Firewire issues

From the Photometrics website:

In recent updates, Microsoft released two hotfixes which updated their FireWire stack file.
However, these updates cause performance drops in the  functionality of Texas Instruments
(TI) FireWire Controllers which ship with Photometrics cameras. These performance drops
manifest with the following symptoms:
* Image Tearing
* Interference Lines
* Black Images
* Reduced Frames-per-second
Installing the Thesycon 1394 stack fixes these problems by replacing the default Microsoft stack. This remedies any problems caused by the updates.
The Thesycon FireWire stack has been thoroughly tested and does not cause any other conflicts or problems with any devices.

The Thesycon stack installer can be downloaded here.

--Nico 11:33, 31 August 2007 (PDT)

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