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Micro-Manager Source Code

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Updated on November 16, 2009

The source code includes all Micro-Manager files (Java and C++) and all supporting files (project files, build scripts, etc.). However, to build the entire project a number of Open Source libraries and device SDKs must be installed. Instructions for building Micro-Manager are available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Note about the source code licensing terms

Micro-Manager is structured in three distinct layers: Graphical User Interface (GUI), Device Adapters and MMCore. All source files, except ones carrying a different license notice in the header, are copyright of University of California. GUI and Device adapters are distributed under the "BSD" license, while MMCore is distributed under "Lesser GPL" license. License text files are included in the source package, and each file should have a header stating the exact type of license. A good starting point to learn more about the Open Source Code licensing is If you have any questions or need some clarification regarding our licensing terms please let us know:

Current release available through our subversion repository

To access the subversion repository you will need a subversion client. - Release 1.4 - beta - 3rd party files needed for Release 1.4 - Release 1.3 - Release 1.2

Previous source code releases

Micro-Manager source code 1.1.47, (January 28, 2008) tar.gz package, 1.4 MB
Micro-Manager source code 1.0.69, (May 1, 2007) tar.gz package, 1.2 MB

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