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Localization Microscopy

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The plugin is primarily focused on the localization of single fluorescent molecules for either tracking or reconstruction of super-resolution images. The new super-resolution imaging techniques (PALM/STORM) have been shown to become highly useful for many researchers seeking new depths in their research. Similarly single molecule tracking techniques have been used to determine behavior of single proteins. We aim to make these techniques readily available for researchers to have free and easy access. This plugin has been carefully packaged to allow fast peak-fitting and rendering that works “out of the box”. A dialogue window allows users access to comprehensive list of options for fitting and tracking single molecules. A second window allows users to various options for data processing such as rendering, drift correction, etc.

Break down of Dialogue window

LM DialogueWindow.png

Image Parameters

Finding Maxima

Fitting Parameters

Filtering Data

Data processing window

LM DialogueWindow.png

Drift correction

2C ref. and cor.



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