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Hamamatsu DCMA adapter

Summary:Interfaces with Hamamatsu cameras
Author:Nenad Amodaj, with contributions from Nico Stuurman (Mac adaptation)
Platforms:Windows and Mac OS X
Devices:Hamamatsu DCAM compatible cameras (only tested with Firewire cameras)
Example Config File:Media:MMConfig_ham.cfg

This adapter makes Micro-Manager work with DCAM-compatible Hamamatsu cameras. You will need to download and install a recent version of the DCAM driver.

This adapter does not work with all cameras that are DCAM compatible. For instance, the Hamamatsu EM cameras does not (yet) work. In fact, we have not yet had a chance to test non-firewire Hamamatsu cameras. The code has been tested extensively with Firewire cameras (AG and ER2 models). Some hard to trace problems were encountered with certain Intel Mac Pros.

For developers: To compile this code you will need the DCAM-SDK from Hamamatsu. We cannot provide this SDK. Contact your Hamamatsu dealer if you wish to build this code yourself.

--Nico 12:38, 25 August 2007 (PDT)

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