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Summary:Generic Spatial Light Modulator controller
Author:Arthur Edelstein
Since Version:1.3.42

The GenericSLM device adapter controls any spatial light modulator that can be driven by a computer video output port (typically the VGA or DVI port of a graphics card). Some graphics cards have a secondary video output port; other computers will require an additional graphics card to be installed.

The GenericSLM requires the GraphicsPort property to be selected. In Step 4 of the Hardware Configuration Wizard ("Edit pre-Initialization settings"), a list of available "Display ports" will be given. You may need to experiment to identify the correct display port connected to your SLM device.

An example Beanshell script, in the Micro-Manager scripts directory, shows how you can display an image on one or multiple SLMs.

Supported Devices

SLMs that can be driven by video output ports include (no endorsement is implied):

  • Liquid-crystal arrays from Holoeye, Boulder Nonlinear Systems and Cambridge Correlators
  • A Digital Mirror Device (DMD) from Texas Instruments, using Digital Light Innovations' DLP4100 digital mirror controller with the D2D (DVI to DMD) interface card).
  • Almost any digital video projector (a.k.a. a computer projector)
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