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Full Build on MacOS X Leopard

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Building micro-manager 1.2 from SVN on MacOSX Leopard MacIntel. This is the complete sequence that I used to build on 10.5.2 on 2008-04-18. In principle you can just cd to an appropriate directory and run the script but I would recommend cut/paste into terminal chunk by chunk. Note that for libdc1394 (firewire cameras on macosx/linux and perhaps PC) I have provided both a build from SVN and a build from the current stable tarball (2.0.1).

Hope it works for you! Greg Jefferis <>

#!/usr/bin/env bash

# Download ACE
curl -O
tar bxvf ACE-5.6.3.tar.bz2
# Get started
cd ACE_wrappers
export ACE_ROOT=`pwd`
cd ace
# Configure for MacOS X Leopard
cat > config.h <<EOF
#include "ace/config-macosx-leopard.h"
cat > $ACE_ROOT/include/makeinclude/platform_macros.GNU <<EOF
debug = 1
shared_libs = 0
static_libs = 1
include $(ACE_ROOT)/include/makeinclude/platform_macosx_leopard.GNU
# Make (NB inside ace dir, so not whole tree)
# Install
sudo ln -s $ACE_ROOT/ace /usr/local/include/ace
sudo ln -s /Users/jefferis/dev/video/ACE_wrappers/ace/libACE.a /usr/local/lib/

# swig NB more recent versions fail (including Leopard's 1.3.31)
curl -O
tar zxvf swig-1.3.24.tar.gz 
cd SWIG-1.3.24
sudo make install

# EITHER libdc1394 v2.0.1 (release version)
curl -O$LIBDC.tar.gz
tar zxvf $LIBDC.tar.gz
./configure --prefix=/usr/local
sudo make install

# OR libdc1394 from SVN
svn co libdc1394
cd libdc1394
autoreconf -i -s
./configure --prefix=/usr/local
sudo make install

# Micro-Manager from SVN
svn co
cd micromanager1.2
autoreconf -i -s
export PATH="/usr/local/bin:$PATH" # to ensure user compiled swig is used
./configure --with-imagej=/Applications/ImageJ/
#./configure --with-imagej=/Applications/ImageJ/ --enable-static
make -j 2
cd MMDevice && make && cd ..
cd DeviceAdapters/dc1394/ && make 
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