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Micro-Manager 1.4.14 (March 20, 2013)

Windows 32-bit, 45 MB
Windows 64-bit, 45 MB
Mac OS X (Universal Binary), 48 MB

(Click here for descriptions and downloads of previous releases.)

New Features in 1.4

  • Windows native 64-bit support (most devices are supported)
  • Support for multiple cameras (see Utilities->Multi-camera adapter)
  • Improved color camera live and snap
  • Hardware triggering integrated with Multi-Dimensional Acquisition
  • Enhanced Contrast Panels (ignore outliers)
  • Saving and display on separate threads
  • A new multi-dimensional acquisition engine (under the hood), including
    • a smart sequencer that uses burst acquisition whenever possible
    • an image pipeline allowing plugins to process images on the fly
    • a flexible metadata system for programmers
    • option to provide custom time intervals in MDA
  • Close integration with ImageJ hyperstacks
    • four "dimension sliders": channels, slices, frames, positions
    • display of RAM- or disk-based image sets during or after acquisition, including disk-based image sets larger than available RAM
  • An image display control panel (in the main window) that lets you
    • easily adjust contrast for each channel
    • add a scale bar
    • view metadata and add comments for image sets and individual image planes
  • Simplified hardware configuration, including auto-detection and auto-setup of a number of serial devices.
  • Data Browser plugin for quickly browsing through Micro-Manager data sets
  • Well plate plugin (Big.jar, Karl Bellve)
  • Clojure Editor Plugin
  • Script interface to add runnables in acquisition engine
  • Pluggable display API (ImageCacheListener)
  • Automated bug reports, available in Help > Report Problem
  • New/Improved device support:
    • New PI GCS adapter (Stephen Rau)
    • Improved Thorlabs DCxxxx (Olf Wohlmann)
    • PCO adapter now supports new CMOS cameras (Franz Reitner)
    • Support for nPoint stages (Mission Bay Imaging)
    • XCite LED (Mission Bay Imaging)
    • Thorlabs piezo stage (Nenad Amodaj)
    • Updated ABS Camera (now also 64-bit, Heiko Baumann)
    • ASI CRISP support, including plugin (Nico Stuurman)
    • Scientifica stages (Mathew Player)
    • Hamamatsu support by Hamamatsu (Patrick Gregorio), works with Flash 4.0
    • Fixes to ZeissCAN29
    • Thorlabs BD102 stage (Nenad Amodaj)
    • Andor3 (supports new Neos camera)
    • CARV II spinning disk confocal
    • MCU28 (Zeiss CAN XY stage - Nenad Amodaj)
    • Coherent Sapphire Laser (Karl Hoover and Paul Wiggins)
    • GigECamera (David Marshburn, UNC-CH)
    • Mac support for SPOT (Erwin Frise)
    • SimpleCam module with GPhoto support
    • Leica AFC (Hardware Autofocus)
    • New libusb drivers for K8055
    • Meiji Techno EMZ focus stage (Koen De Vleeschauwer)
    • Tethered Cameras (Canon and Nikon) (Koen De Vleeschauwer)
    • X-Cite 120PC Exacte (Mission Bay Imaging)
    • Image Processor Chain - provides sequencing of C++-based image processors in the Micro-Manager core
Burst acquisition (formerly a separate utility in 1.3) has been merged with multi-dimensional acquisition -- if you want to do a burst, simply select "Time Points" only and set the time interval to 0.

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