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Device Adapters in Micro-Manager

Here, we will maintain as much information as possible about Micro-Manager device adapters. This will help you to configure and understand your Micro-Manager system. We hope that the authors of the device adapters will maintain this information, but please feel free to update the information here with your own experiences. The information here will be applicable to the most recent Micro-Manager release (currently version 1.1).

Device Adapters:

  AOTF - AOTF control through parallel port
  ASIFW1000 - ASI Shutter and Filter Wheel controller
  ASIStage - ASI XY (and Z) stage and CRIF
  Andor - Andor EM cameras
  Conix - Conix Filter Changer
  DTOpenLayer - DT OpenLayer Digital IO boards
  DemoCamera - Virtual, emulated equipment for testing
  DemoStreamCamera - Virtual, emulated fast camera
  Hamamatsu - Hamamatsu cameras (through DCAM library)
  Ludl - Ludl stages, shutters and filter wheels 
  Nikon - Nikon Z-drive, TIRF shutter and IntensiLight shutter
  NikonTE2000 - Nikon TE2000 motorized microscope
  PVCAM - Roper/Photometrics cameras
  ParallelPort - TTLs on parallel port (Windows only)
  Prior - Prior stages, shutters, and filter wheels
  QCam - QImaging cameras
  Sensicam - PCO/Cooke Sensicam camera
  SerialManager - Serial Ports on Windows
  SerialManagerUnix - Serial Ports on Mac and Linux
  SutterLambda - Sutter hardware
  Vincent - Vincent Uniblitz controllers
  Yokogawa - Yokogawa CSU22
  ZeissCAN - Zeiss CAN-bus (not CAN29) compatible microscopes
  ZeissMTB - Zeiss MTB (not MTB2004) compatible microscopes
  dc1394 - Firewire cameras that adhere to the iidc1394 specs (Mac and LInux only)

--Nico 09:04, 15 August 2007 (PDT)

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